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Game Update Release Notes version 1.91

Fairy Dust

Ex-Team Member

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

We will have a temporary downtime on Monday, November 4 in order to roll out version 1.91 to our server. Please check back for any further updates regarding this release.

During the expected downtime, you will not be able to access the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Features

  • We've brought a feature already available in the app to the Browser version, and made it easier for everyone to start productions in Workshops by allowing to tick a checkbox within the Workshop window before starting a production. Ticking the box will allow you to start the same productions in all available Workshops with just a few clicks.

Balancing Changes

  • Recipes for the Stage 1 versions of the Brown Bear, Polar Bear and Panda Bear have been added to Crafting. Like other evolving buildings, these Recipes only become available for players who do not already have one of these buildings in either their Inventory or City.
  • A Recipe for Pet Food was added that costs 1650 Spell Fragments to Craft.

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:

  • Barracks - Cancelling a production in the Barracks no longer results in blimps showing unusual amounts of Supplies.
  • Constructs - Resolved an issue that could prevented opening the Portal of the Constructs at level 4.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.

  • From this version on, you will be notified upon login when you have received rewards while you were away, e.g. for the end of a Tournament.
  • The City background and loading screens will no longer have an Autumn Zodiac theme.
  • Notifications - Made sure that notifications about e.g. Neighborly Help would show up as new correctly.
  • Translations - Created more space for texts in the Expansions tab of the Build Menu.
  • Translations - Added the option to translate several texts that couldn't be translated before.
  • Push notifications - Made some adjustments to prevent push notifications about the Knowledge Points bar being full to be sent more often than intended.
  • Quests - Some texts had green texts in the quest window, which has now been corrected.
  • Spire of Eternity - Resolved an issue that could result in the Spire of Eternity getting stuck on slower internet connections.
As always, we would love to hear your feedback in our discussion thread!
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Fairy Dust

Ex-Team Member
Dear Humans and Elves,

We are postponing the release of version 1.91 due to technical difficulties until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Or apologies for the inconvenience.