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Release Notes version 1.94 discussion


New neighborly help seems to have been removed from the browser version? I'd finally gotten used to it, and liked the time savings it represented!
As did I! Seems like features for improving game-playing quality are always placed on the back burner, while new, poorly-designed content is hailed down on us without relent. :/

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
I got the filter in a couple of my smaller cities. I finally felt like visiting was worth the effort. If they take it back then I go back to not spending a chunk of time doing visits anywhere besides my main city. Really was hoping they would roll it out to all players!


Because I am a bossy, nosy so-and-so!!! Hey, what are you doing with that cattle prod? And is that a cauldron of boiling oil I see behind you?! Why are all those serfs removing feathers from all of the bedding in your city?!?!
*cackles* Really, though, don't tell others what to think or feel, and we'll be great.


Tried the new neighborly help.
It is Not on IE or firefox on my Win10 desktop.

But, Is on IE on my wife's Win10 desktop.


I hope this game maintains a normal cookie address to play it on laptop with older windows and all, without a app download directive.