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Relog bug


Well-Known Member
I knew what you meant. :) Logging in is not an issue for me. The bug is with logging out.
My issue as well. I'll suggest that you were probably logged into the account that you cannot log out of, as I was, when the bug presented itself. So, it logically follows that those who weren't in an account can't log in and those who were in one can't log out.


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I knew what you meant. :) Logging in is not an issue for me. The bug is with logging out.
I don't know if I'm communicating poorly, or just confused. I'm trying to say that logging in the same account to second browser forces logout of the first. The whole point of my workaround was a way to log you out of your preferred browser.


@Ashrem, you're fine...your communication is perfect, and if you're confused that's on me, but I know what you and @SunsetDanar mean. All I'm doing here is poking things with sticks and relaying the results. But since I'm not helping matters any, I'll stop reporting on the results of the poking. :p


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I think that since we have two different situations here, that there may also be two different most effective workarounds. Utilizing a second browser (Firefox) does indeed force the log out of the first so that I have successful access to another account. When I return to my original browser (Chrome) my only log in option remains the account that I was logged into at the time the bug presented itself.

EDIT: Doesn't necessarily force a log out (Being a different browser), just doesn't show you as logged in.
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Nyna Luxisys

Active Member
Scratch the previous work around I mentioned. Forgot about what Ashrem said. Opening 2 chromes to the game 1 logs the other out does in fact work almost instant. Just slows you down a lot if opening like firefox and chrome.


Clearing the browser cookies and history works for me. Of course you have to do that before each time you log in.. but it works.