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Request that Developers Play


Wishful thinking I'm afraid. We can't even get a consensus on something so objectively positive as improving the FA interface. All it takes is a single loud voice of opposition and a proposal suddenly becomes "controversial" and is viewed as such by the developers.

The workaround I suppose would be to hold more private discussions and exclude fringe players from them. Then once the (limited) feedback has been collected and a solid proposal formed submit it directly? This would come with its own set of problems, not the least of which would be in choosing those unofficial representatives.
I am often amazed when non-controversial informational improvements with no downsides whatsoever still get downvoted by someone, despite overwhelming positive support. It's human nature, and sometimes it's just that someone doesn't like the person proposing a good idea. Or maybe they just feel grouchy. There are some people who will insist on saying low if you say high. But I am hoping the devs are smart enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. They should be ... after all, they did create a great game overall.


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Yes, I understand you want a rule to make developers, "play and experience the game as we do"
The point I am making, is with the knowledge they have, it is not possible.
It is possible. they do not possess any significant knowledge that a veteran lacks. Also, things like the user interface are the same for everyone regardless of knowledge or experience.
Even playing on the live servers and not using any cheats, I believe their reaction would still be "The game works as intended."
You are trying to have them see experience the difficulties in the game. Have you considered the difficulties may be there by design.
Again: Take for example the FA. All they have to do is take a mid-range city and complete the spire one time from start to finish while stopping to hand in a badge every time they earn one.
Then do the same for the tournament. Then for 10 blacksmiths.

Less than an hour of real play testing their own game to see firsthand what we hate.


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I am often amazed when non-controversial informational improvements with no downsides whatsoever still get downvoted by someone
This is the world we live in now. I'm 100% convinced that during the zombie apocalypse some people would be on the zombie's side. There would be zombie deniers, zombie rights activists etc.
Remember that old movie trope where the guy hides his zombie bite from everyone in what you thought was a totally unrealistic display of selfishness? It turns out that's actually upwards of 20% of all people.


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Idiocracy prophecy. Documentary.
Fixed that for you.