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This is my 4th day here, and I keep running into situations where I'm not finding the answer. :( The latest, I have the coins, but am unable to build residences from 3 to 4 like I can with production facilities.

Help! :)



You need to open a subsequent technology in your Tech Tree. If you look close, the bottom line in the tooltip will always tell you if you can still upgrade a building.


Katwijk, I Love your Profile pic. It is so true.

What steps did you take before upgrading a Residence to 4? I have the coins, etc. needed, but apparently Advanced Building Research must be done first?


Yes, I did see this. So, If I understand this correctly, I need to do the Research to get to Advanced Builings. I s that correct?

Thank you so much for your help!


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Scan ahead in your research tree. You will see when you will have the opportunity to research the advancements that you are looking for. The Wiki will help you to know what level you can build up to before you are stopped by needing research.

For example, the Elves get to research Advanced Workshops in the second column of Age II. By looking at the Basic Buildings in the Elvenar Wiki, you can see that you can build up to level 4 workshops before having to do that research.

The combination is a good way to plan ahead to see how long it will be before you can advance and how much space it will take once you start upgrading buildings at each level of research.