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City restoring buildings


Well-Known Member
I have always heard that support will restore an important building if you accidentally delete it. But that they will only do it once and after that never again. I totally understand the reasoning behind this because if this was unlimited then it would be abused by players. And support would be CONSTANTLY restoring buildings. I have no problem with limiting this function. But only getting 1 restore EVER seems a bit too stringent. Many of us play this game for years and mistakes do happen. What about changing this policy to allow 1 building restore within a certain period of time? Also, what period of time do you think would be appropriate: once every year, once every 6 months, or once every 3 months?


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
I don't understand. The link you posted here does not really relate to my original topic in this thread. Did you mean to tag me with this in a different thread?
Yes, that's what I get for having too many tabs open! Updated the link to the right thread.