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Returning player LF a FS aiming to hit 10chests every week(very active player)


Hi everyone. I played this game quite a while ago(somewhere in 2017) and am currently looking for a active FS to hang with and grow my city. I started recently so I'm not very far in the game, but I'm an experienced player and very active. I'm hoping to find a FS thats trying to do well in tournies(10 chests) with how much easier the tourney got. I'm boosted in steel scroll and elixir.


Well-Known Member
Welcome back to the game and best of luck finding a FS!

A word of warning, scroll boosted on Harander is short term difficult, do not spend money on this city.


Active Member
the moonstone set given in the spire produces scrolls no matter what your boosted good is. Therefore non-scrolls boosted players have more scrolls then their T2 boost making it next to impossible to trade away scrolls, everyone has more then they need already.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
@Simpumba Welcome back to Elvenar! The Rising Stars would love to have you! We are a very active fellowship that participants in all events FA, Spire and Tournaments. We are currently an 8 chest fellowship (looking towards 9 chests this week) and have an active AW society. We are a super friendly fellowship that likes to talk about the game in the chat and help each other with trades and most players do daily visits as much as possible. I would like to send you an invite to join if you are interested. If you are please message me in-game or here in the forum :)