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Reward List for Wonder Assistance


Oh Wise One
I now have access to write on the US forums so I post this here as well, especially after a mayor update.

it's far from complete so far but it might be some great help to you

How to Use:

25/2: the first number represents the amount of knowledge points you are awarded when the wonders level is completed, the second number represents the amount of runes you will be rewarded
5/-: This means you are rewarded only 5 knowledge points and no runes
Yellow blocks: These blocks are not confirmed to either have or havent data in them.

the following link will send you to an Microsoft Excel Online form, running from my Microsoft Onedrive account.


Want to assist? Unfortunatly I am not an active player here (but I can check data on the US servers)
I can be reached trough ingame messages at Beta (playername: CrazyWizard), International Winyandor (playername CWs Evil Eye), or at the Dutch server (playername: CrazyWizard)

alternatively you can send me a PM here on the forums and hope I see it in time.
Please tell me the Wondername, Playername and Servername where to find the missing data.

I will not add data to this list that I can't confirm myself!!!!

Changes will be immidiatly once I upload the new data, the link stays the same troughout this process.