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Rivendell Nobles - Open Recruiting: We're looking for YOU!


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Rivendell Nobles is seeking new players to join our fellowship. We are looking for active players who play at least 3 or more days each week. Players who have a score around 9523 and have one or more of the following boosts: steel, scrolls, and gems are a great match for our Fellowship. We currently have 19 members in our group. Rivendell Nobles is a very cohesive, close-knit, supportive team that looks out for each other. We practice Fair Trading. We try to arrive at a consensus when making decisions that affect the players and the fellowship. Tournaments, Spire and Fellowship Adventures are encouraged, but not required. Our only requirement is that you remain active (not absent more than 3 days without communicating with someone)! We are looking for like-minded players to join us for fun! We have 6 spots open for players to join. You can join directly or request an invitation from any team member. If you’re looking for a great fellowship, come join us!
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This post is in the wrong section ~ this is for PLAYERS looking for fellowships