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Rowan Moon seeking 2 members


Hey everyone,

For some unknown reason, 2 members bailed without notification - doesn’t really matter, they didn’t play the tourney (or not very much) nor the Spire, so they didn’t really contribute to the FS.

So, we are now seeking 2 active members who like to tourney. That said, while this is a 10 chest/week FS, all we ask is that you do your best AND that you communicate. If the AM sends you a note asking if there is any way to assist, a reply would be nice.

We NEVER kick for health issues NOR RL. All we ask is that you drop a note to the AM or a mage and put a note in your city banner. This is a game, after all and while some folks take it very seriously, we are a low pressure FS and have fun. We get 10 chests/week because we WANT to for a multitude of reasons.
We all participate in the FA (even though it’s not required) and have managed to make it through all 3 stages WITHOUT the use of a spreadsheet or in game threads. Everyone has been with us long enough to know how it goes and we “just do it.” Easy peasy, really. We don’t play the FA to beat the other FSs, but for the evolving prizes.

We are a friendly and helpful bunch and low-key. We don’t have drama nor strife. If it starts up, I put the kibosh on it. We would love 2 like-minded players to join us.

Thanks for reading!