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Royal restorations


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Royal Restorations (RR) are special crafting resources and you can find your available RRs under the Elvenar icon on your UI.

They are used to upgrade event and crafted buildings and can be either earned from Weekly Tournaments, crafted in the Magic Academy with Blueprints (and/or Diamonds), won in events through the Royal Pass system, created by a Sorcerer's Hut premium building, or from the late-game Ancient Wonder Oracle of Fortune.

In my experience there are never enough, and I look forward to more ways to earn them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge @helya)
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How do i get a royal restoration? Is it a building or what is it? tks
Royal Restorations are building materials (like coins, supplies, etc) that are used to upgrade special buildings. Such buildings are both everywhere and yet nowhere if you actually go and try to build them. They're buildings that has to be crafted via Magic Academy, or won via events. An example of such a building is the Moonstone Library (and all other items in its set):


Notice under the "Costs" subsection that it requires 16 Royal Restorations to upgrade. Royal Restorations that I don't have at the time. Boo.

As for getting RRs? Check this post out.


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Specifically, they change a building’s CHAPTER. Buildings get chaptered when you obtain them (not when you place them). So if you are in Fairies, your buildings are Fairy chapter buildings. When you finish Fairies and enter Orc (you are not officially in next chapter unless you unlock a tech in that chapter), any new buildings acquired will now be for Orc chapters. To get your older Fairy buildings to become Orc chapter buildings, you use Royal Restorations. It’s one Royal Restoration per tile of the building too! So an evolve building is 4x4 or 16 Royal Restorations needed to chapter up. I think RRs are harder to get than diamonds so if you get them, use them wisely! For example, don’t use them on an Ground of the Orc Strategist crafted from MA. Just recraft them in the next chapter and save your RRs for things you want to keep long term, like Brown Bear.

In my experience there are never enough, and I look forward to more ways to earn them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge @helya)
But if they were easy to obtain, wouldn’t we just get the best production building and never have to deal with events again? Also, in my head, helya is getting a very dramatic concert with @Ihrlaen on stage…


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The care and feeding of all my Phoenixes takes a lot, to say nothing of the keeping the Orc Fleet stocked and provisioned! I'll scoop up every Royal Restoration I can get my talons on, easy or otherwise.


... and before anyone asks or comments, yes that is a fleet of Orc Ships docked at Phoenix water-pumping and incinerator stations. Because, Orcs.
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