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Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
There really is no need to buy Diamonds anymore.
Sure there is. If the cash register stops ringing, nobody plays. Inno is a business, not a charity.

This is why I don't get too worked up about fairness or parity in a freemium game model, let alone this one where new players and old are all jumbled into the same ranking systems AND not everyone even has the same tech trees! It doesn't matter to me how big of a diamond stash someone else is sitting on. It won't help build my city or help me play better, but might keeps the light on so I can continue to hang out with some new friends.

Ok, I lied. That may not be completely true. I do sometimes have to pick my jaw off the floor listening to how some very bored chapter 20 players who are done with their settlements are frivolously spending their diamonds because the game offers them nothing new to spend it on. How dare they just sit and accumulate diamonds like that while my little chap 5 city can't keep my :diamond: stash stocked! I'm already working 5 jobs to pay off my KP debt. Who has time to play 8 cities or get another job to pay for more diamonds? Totally unfair. :mad: I say we legislate our way to a fairer (yes, I dared to use that word!) solution by having the Spire provide diminishing returns to successive chapters until ultimately, the latest chapter players are limited to only 50 :diamond: for doing the same work as everybody else. Also, credit checks for everyone before they use their credit cards. How do we know their money is good for it?

I thought @crackie had all the popcorn in her thread in the lounge :D
Buddy always makes enough to share. It's just that not everyone appreciates the umami flavor profile.

Deborah M

Oh Wise One
I read part of this and just WOW! Just how many times is this going to be argued about? BORING!! Personally, I would Love to know how many players not on the Forum even care let alone complain. Generally, with most people being mind their own business kind of folks these days, I don’t get how those who always stirs poop, don‘t see how they sound over & over.

It is this kind of constant pot stirring and arguing that I am so sick of that I think this Forum sucks now :mad:

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