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Sea Turtle


Well-Known Member
My reality isn't grey, it's more of a deep mauve. LOL. Yeah, but on the other hand, Germany is probably experiencing a slow down in productivity as well, and the changing of the seasons may have understandably slipped. I think there are probably a lot of other things that need to get done before bringing back the sea turtle and if they had done that instead, who knows what other thing would have been dropped?



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Inno, like most online game companies, should be experiencing an increase in revenues during the pandemic. There is zero code involved in changing the background, only art time, none of which has to be done in groups.There's nothing about a change in background art that has to "slip" as a result of anything going on in the world. They just didn't think of it.

And even a week-long, cut down, rerun of Mauriel and her exploits would have been welcome, and would have taken very little adaptation. It could have filled the July gap with almost no effort.


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I would have like to have seen the Sea turtle back again as well. Lots of bright color in that event! That was a fun one but this one is kind of blah.... IMO.

@ajqtrz Your reality is mauve? That is a light purple so "deep" doesn't really fit? I just have to give you a hard time once in a while.

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I miss him too. :( (add tear to emoji). At least I have a pic of him with a chest on his back, but it's not the same.


I loved to swim out to him, climb on his back, sun bath, drink a cold beer and talk of the places he'd been and things he saw. He told me his name was Herman. Before he left he said he hoped to see me next year. Alas, maybe next year.


Well-Known Member
@YogiDave If he told you his name is Herman he is being a bit more humble than his reputation would allow. I've known him for years from my exploits on the Southern Sea where he is called, very respectfully "Lord Turtle." One quick story gives you the idea of why he has such an honorific for from his very birth he has shown himself wiser than all the other turtles combined.

When very small and just hatched with thousands of siblings, at that mad rush to the sea, Lord Turtle was captured by an eagle who intended to feed him to her young. As he flew up he understood his fate and began to hum a merry tune.

"What's that?" the eagle asked, surprised at his cheerfulness.

"I was thinking how lucky you are," Lord Turtle replied.

"Well, I do have a lot of luck," the eagle replied. "And it's rather nice of you to notice." Then she paused, wondering and asked, "what luck did you observe exactly?"

Lord Turtle replied, still smiling as only a turtle can, "Oh that of all those little turtles on the beach you picked probably the only truly honest one in the bunch."

"Honest one?" she asked.

"Certainly, for all the others would probably just be silly about it and beg you to drop them in the sea without offering anything in return."

She said nothing but looked down at her prey, wondering. Her curiosity though, got the best of her. "What would a small, just hatched little creature like you possess to offer me?" she asked, finally.

"Well, for one thing how about lot less work feeding your young?"

"Less work?" she asked.

"Of course. Right now, to feed your eaglets, you have to swoop down and grab something more times than you can count, I figure."

"True," she replied.

"And you'd probably like it if you had to swoop down fewer time next year, right? I mean all that swooping down and grabbing some little tidbit that's, barely a mouthful for your youngsters, hardly seems worth the effort. You have to wonder if there isn't a better way."

"That I do," she replied. "It is rather tedious."

"Well then, you are lucky you swooped down and picked the right turtle this year."

"How so?"

"Suppose you throw me back into the sea. What do you think I'll do then?"

She thought only a moment. "You'll grow into a large turtle, no doubt," she replied.

"And in a year I'll be three times the size I am now, which, if you think about it, would mean a lot less swooping and grabbing for you, right?"

"But how do you know I'll be able to capture you next year?" she asked.

"Oh, I'll just return to the same beach and let you." Lord Turtle answered, as if there was no doubt. But being a wise turtle already, he then added, "after all, if you drop me now how can I be anything but grateful for the full year of life you will therefore provide. As it is my life really is in your talons, is it not? So out of gratefulness I'll will keep my word. For I am, as I said, an honest turtle." Here he paused before adding, "and besides, it's a small risk for you. If you drop me now you just have to swoop down now for an easy replacement and lose very little, with the chance of a big reward next year, right?"

The eagle thought about it and sighed. "Yes, I suppose you are right." Then see smiled and said, as she released her talons, "see you next year!"

A year later Lord Turtle dutifully returned to the beach and was, indeed, three times the size he had been the year before. She was a bit surprised to see him but also a bit relieved. "I wasn't sure you'd be coming back," she said.

Lord Turtle nodded. "Yes, and to be honest I did think about just staying away. But I am an honest turtle, as I said, so here I am. And of course, I thought about how nice the year has been and how nice it was for you to have given me that whole year." The he paused as if thinking hard, "but of course, if you think about it, another year would just give me more time to grow even more and thus reduce your swooping and grabbing even more, but that's probably asking too much."

She nodded and began to wrap her talons around his shell. As she did so though, she began to think about the next year. "Well, he's certainly right about that," she said to herself. "He will be bigger next year and it will reduce my swooping and grabbing even more." So, in the end she said, "You are right it probably would be better if I waited another year. You've shown me you are an honest turtle and I can count on your return so this year I"ll just go over and swoop and grab a couple of times to make up for it. See you next year." she told him as she flew off.

And so each year thereafter he dutifully returned and offered variations of the same argument. And each year she thoughtfully let him go. This went on for a number of years until one year, having grown rather old she was determined to call an end to their yearly meetings. "I have grown old and wish to put an end to all the swooping and grabbing," she told him. "If even for a single year. You have grown rather large, my friend, and I do believe you have enough on your bones to feed my eaglets until they can fend for themselves. So no arguing this year, my mind is made up!"

Lord Turtle, sensing her determination nodded. "Yes, I can see that the time has come to honor my commitment" he told her. "I just have one last request. I'd like to go over to that kelp bed there and have one final meal. It won't take but a few minutes and I'll be content. I'll then return and you can carry me off at your leisure," he promised.

Having such a long relationship she agreed and perched herself on a high cliff to watch as he partook of his last meal. The old turtle slid into the water and soon found a large bed of delicate seaweed waving in the breeze. But instead of feeding on the seaweed at the top he dove deep, deep, down into the dark waters until he came to the rocky bottom. There, quickly, before he ran out of air he gulped down as many small stones as he could. In fact, he gulped down so many he was very much afraid he would not be able to swim back to the surface. But he did, and managed to grab a quick breath before being pulled down by his excess weight. Sinking to the bottom he walked to shore along the bottom emerging only a few feet from where he had entered the water in search of his last supper.

The eagle, seeing he had finished his repast swooped down and landed next to him. She offered him a mint which he accepted and they chatted a bit before she reminded him that her eaglets were hungry and, "well," she said, rather sadly, "a promise is a promise." He nodded slowly and said nothing. She then rose and placed her talons gently enough, around his shell and attempted to take off. "My, you really have grown big and fat," she said as she labored.

He said nothing but just sat there patiently waiting.

She tried over and over but eventually, because of her advanced age, found herself exhausted and too weak to manage the job. She looked at him and sighed. "It appears I've been a very foolish eagle," she said. Then she sighed and flew off muttering to herself "that's the last time I trust an honest turtle."

Lord Turtle rested a few days allowing the stones to pass before swimming back into the water where he lives to this day.

You can call him Herman of course, but to me he's Lord Turtle.


Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
@ajqtrz, I love the story. Everyone's sea had a different turtle. The pic I posted actually isn't Herman since it's from one of my neighbors. Herman may actually also be Lord Turtle, but when I asked for his name, he said it was Herman. Who was I to question someone about their name? It was a simple personal relationship we had. If he also had an honorific, he did not feel the need to share it with me. Regardless, I do miss him and hope for his return next year. Maybe I'll ask him if the story about the eagle is about him. It easily could be about one of this brothers. He had many sisters also visiting Elvenar. He said, all the great turtles were curious about the new seas to explore. All I really know is Herman was a kind and peaceful old soul which was a comfort last summer.


Well-Known Member
When he was born out of his nest they were all brothers. It's a temperature thing. A nest will have either males or females depending on the temperature when they are laid, I believe.

It would be like Lord Turtle to just say his name was Herman. He's not only an honest turtle but a humble one as well.


Sighhhhhh thank you ty, ty so very much. You have helped lessen my loss for Timothy. At least you have a pic to remember Lord Turtle.
And thank goodness for PPs to keep my mermaids and beach bars up and running.