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Season of joy event


How will a new player proceed in this event if she is just beginning her chapters? Example: she has not made to tournaments or spire yet. Will she be able to bypass a quest or will she just be stuck?


Tetris Master
@Gaia7 Isn't it scaled for the chapter?

Another question, last round a Seasons Pass costs 3000 diamonds. Now it just says to Unlock it? Will I be charged? is this a reward for having finished the previous season (I think I read that somewhere)?

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I am completely underwhelmed by the insipid buildings offered in this 'event'. Even at a discount 2400 diamonds (3000-600), the 'luxury' buildings fail to impress. What do you think Inno would do if everyone ignored the event?


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Thanks @Gkyr, yes I have that ticked. I'll answer my own question, clicking unlock leads to this screen, where you can buy the Seasons Pass for money now, no longer diamonds, with or without extra petals.


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where you can buy the Seasons Pass for money now, no longer diamonds
Yet another reason to :
everyone ignored the event?

Now we need shantytowns just for this = lost space.
It disrupts planning for manu cycles for everything else.
We can't even buy the pass for diamonds ?? cash only ??

I for 1 am skipping Seasons of Joy.
I will IGNORE wasting time/manus.

TheCauldron and Seasons, while diversionary
add nothing to the overall game experience, in many
ways they detract from everything else.....

Nice Job Inno :rolleyes:


Where's the joy to be found?
I don't think the main target of the Seasons are active, ambitious players.

Not all people here belong to Fellowships where the Tournament or Spire are priorities. In fact, a lot of them enjoy setting their own goals and taking their time as their city progresses in a very relaxed manner. For these players the Seasons may be a nice little distraction because the tasks are relatively easy, most rewards are free, and they don't depend on other players for getting them.