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Seeking an active fellowship


I'm an active player and currently have 6 cities around the worlds... The one in Ceravyn is small (around 3000 points) but I keep it growing. Despite the number of the cities I look at them twice or more a day, and I'm a very active and collaborative player inside my fellowships (I always visit members, participate in tournaments, etc. btw I'm pretty good at tournaments).

Because I'm already an active player I don't like feeling under pressure by seeing messages from the mages in the chat threatening to expel members who didn't participate in the last tournament... or mages introducing themselves saying they're the ones who will expel you if you don't collaborate. This is what I saw in the first FS I joined in Ceravyn so I immediately decided to leave it at the end of the tournament. Maybe I'm too old for this kind of approach, I really don't like it.
What I'm looking for is a FS with a lighter mood but still very active.

My boosted goods are (or will be): marble, crystal, and elixir.
I always post only 2 or 3 stars trades.

Thanks in advance if someone will invite me.


I just disbanded the one I had made after leaving that first FS and applyed to yours. :D