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Seeking FA-Bound FS in Sinya Arda at Least through the next FA. More? Testing, testing...


As the headline says, I am seeking a FS in Sinya Arda through at LEAST the next FA, longer if we're all happy, happy, joy, joy! Just recently left my teensy secret FSs today to roam about.
My city in Sinya is missing the last EVO for this last Elvarian Games.. . Would like to try out a FS who plans on completing at least two paths in the upcoming Fellowship Adventure. Must get at least bronze or better in Spire. Please send me a message, I'm in roaming mode. Thanks! :D
Boosted in planks/scrolls/dust. Just now, entering the Forbidden Forest chapter.
Some weirdo with three heads just came by, looking to cut down a tree with a herring...


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Try Griffindors- Recruiting! We are looking for active players who love to participate in the FAs. You are PERFECT for us. We need someone with planks and scrolls. Pick us! Pick us! (^-^) - AussieOwl


I did. You have a problem within your own FS. Booted after 5 hours with zero conversation because of ANOTHER FS in ANOTHER world we were both in. LOL, and I'm double her strength. It is what it is...