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Seeking Fellowship


New Member
New member seeking a fellowship, that I can join. I need to join a fellowship in order to play further. I have no real requirements except to be taken in by a nice fellowship. I just started out, well had to learn the game what I have, and I can learn on my own. I am highly skilled when it comes to intel and intellectual capability. I am more the merrier when it comes time to enjoy a game. I am finding this game hard, but in that it takes time when one does not do much but start out. If you feel that I am a recruit that you would like to join your fellowship it would be nice to here a response.

I am a fully active new player and new member of the forum.
I can see that this game takes time without money.
Almost looks darn near impossible.

I have not yet learned fully how to play and I have not yet fully used the entire forum

I know that I can play and build in the meantime until hopefully I get a response to a fellowship
Please take time to know that I am a devoted player of this game already
And that I am well aware that it can take time for maybe a possible fellowship to respond

With that in mind I shall now bid you adieu

Whisper Memory

Ethereal Trinity

New Member
Hello. It would be very helpful to all fellowships to know what world you play in. My fellowship is Newbs Unite and the world we play in is Winyandor :)

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
If you look at the top of the page Ethereal Trinity you will see this post is for the Harandar world!
Good luck finding a fellowship Whisper-Memory!!