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Seeking FS to merge with us


New Member
US 4 (K world) Guardians of Light. We have 10 members and would like another FS to merge with us. I will even step down from AM. I ask for a group to merge with us because I have people who do not read or at least comment in messages. These are a GREAT group of people who are active, they just don't talk.

We're a group who enjoy a relaxed game & making/helping friends. Please feel free to ask for help or to just chat! We have a FB page and would appreciate you use it to help communicate.

Tournaments - NOT mandatory to participate
Used to Average 7-8 chests. Participation = at LEAST 300 points
Used to Attempt 10 every 4 wks. Participation = at LEAST 1200 points. Step taken due to previous members who would do less then 100 & receive rewards. We were switching to every other week when we started loosing players.

Used to means this is what we did until we lost several main players.

FA - we don't go all out, but have always gotten all three chests. We do vote on whether we should play or not.

AW - you have multiple round robin threads. You are not required to participate. You donate the amount of kp that is the thread to the last person who donated. Then, the next person to use the thread would donate to you.

Additional Requirements:
3 or more visits a week. If you are going to be gone, please let us know.
2 or 3 star trades only (unless cleared by another member - waived for 10 chest tournaments).
NO Drama or being rude! Do NOT criticize openly how others play.