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Seeking members

The Old Guard is still recruiting new and long time players so if you are looking for a good fellowship come join The Old Guard
Our motto The Old Guard may be tattered and torn and few but we are Strong we will protect honor and defend our realm of Arendyll


New Member
May I join? Sent a couple of requests with no response. I am just a newb,no idea what I'm doing.
If you like go to the World Arendyll and join The Old Guard fellowship you will see a Black banner that looks tattered and worn with crisscrossed swords
The Old Guard is recruiting
Sir Mackintosh Archmage
I will take any new players to the game and long time players as well so if you aren't in a fellowship and if you're looking for a fellowship
come to Arendyll and join The Old Guard we will be glad to have you
Come one come all