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Sentence Game


Unless Uncle unearths Ursula’s unique ukulele, utter unruly uproar unites us.

(Don’t ask why - that’s another story!) :)


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Welcoming Wookies was woefully wasteful...Wistful wives, wantonly wished wizened wizards would worship without wisecracks.


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Able always aped antelope.
Annie accepted Able's antics.
Arnie attempted altering Able's actions.
Arnie's attempts angered Annie.
Annie approached Arnie, "Able's antics are always appropriate," Annie argued.
Able's actions are always aggravating," Arnie answered.
Annie accepted Arnie's answer
Able accepted Arnie and Annie's attempt at altering aping actions.
Able altered always aping antelopes.
Arnie and Annie accepted Able's adjustment.
All agreed, Arnie and Annie's attempted alteration of Able's actions about aping antelope altered Able's actual antics.
Able abandoned aping antelope.
Although, apparently, as an alternative Able adjusted and apes angry, agressive, albino alpaca.
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(Whooo...too deep to even navigate!)

By being benign..."bleat"ers bludgeoned blueprint bloated bystanders


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Every early exerciser easily earns eating everything!