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Serenity in Chaos has 1 opening


Active Member
We are awesome, and need 2 more players.
Best time to join us? Today!
We get a blueprint every week from the 10 chest tourney. We play the spire too, are still learning, often get to kiss the frog. :D
We are a no pressure group, no minimums or any other restrictions, we have 5 free KP each day, and lots of other perks, like KPs mails and even a :kp: KP Club.
We want our fellows to have fun and enjoy their cities.
Interested? Please, contact me, Kreila or Elarin. :)
Cheers, see you soon.
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Active Member
We have 2 opening, please bring a friend. :) We do get 10 chests in the tourney every week. Join us right before the next tourney starts so you can share the fun and get a Blueprint for your magic building upgrades. We are playing the spire too, and are getting better all the time. We are looking forward to the next FA, because we are busy bees.
We also get 6 FREE KPs per day to spend on a fellow's Wonder!!!


Active Member
Update .... we have 2 openings. :)
Please apply in game, or contact Kreila, Elarin or myself, if we appear full.
We now get 8 FREE KPs per day to spend on a fellow's Wonder!!!