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Server Wide Quest?


New Member
I searched for "boss" in this thread and saw something from JAN2017 archived. Maybe this could be shaped into a different idea from that.

Rather than just have a boss fight that would be too much like FA or even spire - where an FS essentially pools troops and resources to engage in battles or cater to achieve a shared goal - what about the whole server needing to fend off an invasion? Could have intermediate bosses, and one or more larger bosses. Not sure how this would scale for the different servers, or if it would even need to. Individuals could receive rewards for their contributions, as could FSs, and then all participants can also receive rewards. Random drops? Themed invasions based on season? Could just be annual?

Lots of ways to shape something like this. The underlying mechanics I think already exist (combat, catering, quest timers) to collect points, or build weapons together to attack an enemy. Doesn't need to be troops - I know many feel like they already have enough outlets for troops! - but could use all our resources to work towards fending off invaders together!

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
It would certainly be a lot of work to develop something like this, but I can see an event where an entire server's progress counts together toward a common goal. Some servers are older though and have more advanced players than others, so unless those goals are tailored to each server (which is a hard thing to test on 1 beta server), it could be harder for newer servers.

I'm reminded of World of Warcraft, particularly the server-wide world event leading up to the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. If you're not familiar, that's ok. It basically consisted of various quests that all players on every server could complete. The more quests we completed, the closer our server came to the end of the event, culminating in the Gates being opened and the creatures inside being unleashed. Some servers finished sooner than others but it was engaging (and somewhat terrifying at the same time) since most players didn't know what would actually happen when the event finished. Now that is something that might be very difficult to do in a game like Elvenar, but the basic concept of a server-wide event that all players & fellowships can complete together is interesting.


Well-Known Member
This might be a good idea if we had the ability to communicate with others in a general chat. But since the communication paths are restricted to typing out a msg to 25 at a time (I believe that's the max to whom you can send a msg -- anybody know for sure?) it would be pretty difficult to organize and work together. And without that I'm not sure how much fun it would be as you'd be out there working away at it with little sense of what everybody else was doing.