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Set Buildings Question


New Member

I cannot seem to find the answer, but do we need to have the entire set in order to link them for the bonus? If not, is there a certain placement that actually works? I have tried with the main dock touching the road, but the others I have so far still require a road. Thanks!


Well-Known Member
Hello, Rapunzara. I hope someone more knowledgeable comes to answer your second question. I know for certain that you don't need to have the entire set to get linking bonuses. If you have two of the set, for example, you can link them to get a bonus. It won't be the full bonus, of course, as if you had all of them, but it will be a bonus.

Usually in a set, you only need one piece of the set touching a road. I'm not sure if that's the case this time since I haven't put mine down yet. Sorry I'm not more help.

I'm sure someone else will be in soon. Good luck.


Well-Known Member
The wiki has detailed information on Set Buildings at: Building Set
They use the first released Set Buildings to explain the connections needed, then list all the different event, crafting and spire sets. You'll have to click 'expand' on those lists to see all the buildings in each set.
Only one building in the set needs a road connection to the main hall. It can be any of the buildings in that Set. All other buildings in the same set are connected via that one building as long as at least one square of the buildings touch one another; touching corners do not count. In order to get the link bonuses, you need one unique set building touching the building.
Ex: To get all 4 link bonuses on the Main Docks, you need to arrange them so that one of each of the other four Air Traders set buildings touches the Main Docks. Any of those 5 buildings can touch the road and provide the needed connection to the Main Hall. If you only have 1 of the other buildings touching, you'll only get the first link bonus; 2 of the other buildings touching and you'll get 2 link bonus, etc.
Hey, if you go to the tab that offers the three chests for fuel crystals, and then click on the "prizes" box in the upper right hand corner, it will bring up a suggested map for you of the best placement of each air trader building! Simplified it for me! Let me know if those instructions weren't clear.