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Dunno if you mean in chat specifically, or elsewhere.

Elsewhere, there are several hotkeys for PC users. For example, if you have a factory open and ready to produce, pressing 1 will set a 3-hour production, 2 will set a 9-hr production, etc. Same in the military buildings; you can use 1-5 to quickly add troops to the queue. There are others that I don't rely on often so can't remember quickly. There's a list somewhere - the wiki? elvengems? I'm sure someone else will recall this better than I do.


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Entering "/who" (without quotes) in the chat window displays the players in your fellowship that are currently online. What other shortcuts are available?
they used to also have a 'whisper' function " /wDollarbang " but that took that away
which is too bad because it was hilarious when people typed it in wrong. what they thought would be a message seen by only one person became visible to all

i think ' /help ' also used to work but was fairly useless since chat has so few functions