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Silly Thoughts About Sillier Situations


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Moonstone Library. Lots of people have at least one. Some of us have a few. Even fewer of us has enough of them to start a township on its own merits. I mean, it has population, culture, and goods production, and even supplies! So... what if normal game rules got bent and suddenly you could have a "city" of nothing but Moonstone Library sets? A whole city of scholars! Floating chambers and endless scrolls for days! In my fellowship chat, I expounded upon this ridiculous "what-if" scenario and now let's refine it here.

* Literally every building is a Moonstone Library (or other pieces of its set). The main hall, builder's hut, and Magic Academy got assimilated into the magical loonery equivalent of the Borg and now...
** Visitors to the city ask where the Main Hall is. They get directed to one of the samey-looking Moonstone Libraries somewhere near the center of mass. Those "You are here" signs are utterly unhelpful.
** Scholars want to visit the city's Magic Academy so they can get it on with their fellow mad scientists and artificers. They end up wandering the city for a week trying to find the right floaty thing in a sea of white structures. The residents are not amused.
** The builders just hang out since they're mostly out of a job. A few of them gets hired on occasion to renovate the interior of a few to meet a particular need.
* Workshops? What's that? Supplies aplenty magically appear everywhere!
* Barracks? What's that? Oh, the one Moonstone Library with a rather fierce paintjob has people ruffling up the books all the time. They only really train Bud Sorceresses, but they make do with what they got. On the bright side, the fire brigade aren't called over quite as often as in most other cities...
* Trader? Oh, that's the windy-looking Moonstone Library near the outskirts with its moorings fully detached. Those floaty bits do make good transport, after all. The librarians are still peeved over the Elixir Incident, though.
* Golden abyss? Nah. Converted it to a shiny Moonstone Library. The pit underneath the main building is still there and still spitting out gold like it should, but now it's all fancy and edumacated.
* Rollercoaster? How can something so large roll so quietly on such small tracks? One thing's for sure; ain't nobody's getting in the way of that mine cart.
* The Gum Tree and Mana Plants attached to some of those Libraries attracted the attention of one too many alchemists and they went a bit... strange. They're growing ALL the goods now!
* The roads are all up to date but filled with people lost and trying to find their way in a mostly uniform dystopia.
* Settlements? Bah! Force those dwarves, fairies, and whatever else to shack up with some of the other lesser-used Moonstone Libraries. Nothing could go wrong, and how bad could it possibly be?
** If you thought books cataloguing butterflies was bad, imagine a few fairies accidentally getting stuck
** Dwarves... well. They dwarfify everything they touch. One Moonstone Library now shines gunmetal gray as all the stone gets replaced with good ol' Dwarven Steel! Oh also, floaty workshops. The librarians are livid and the dwarves? Dwarves weren't meant to fly so high.
** Orcs... well. They painted theirs red because red ones go faster.

I hadn't gotten past orcs yet so I don't really have any silly thoughts past that, but anyone else can add onto the silliness with how other guest races might "borrow" one of the many Moonstone Library sets?

I regret nothing


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** Fairies...after they took over one of the Moonstone Libraries during the dark of the moon, they embarked upon a "home improvement project", which, considering the paint job, left the Library looking like a '60s era VW Microbus the next morning, covered in chartreuse and bubble-gum pink flowers.
** Wood Elves...as is typical with those greenery-obsessed pointy eared busybodies, they've gone and "enhanced" all the Gum Trees and Mana Plants with their patented growth fertilizer, and now all those plants are more than 10x their normal size, completely obstructing some of the roads and forcing residents to carry various and sundry gardening implements just to go to the corner market.
** Sorcerers...took one look at the architecture, deemed it "provincial", "pedestrian", and "less than inspiring", hiked up their robes and stormed off towards the mountains, muttering something about raising their own properly-built academy.
** Halflings...a, err, small swarm of, umm, small barefoot beings invaded the entire Moonstone complex, pulling books and scrolls from the shelves all while chattering about the dearth of agricultural treatises, tracking mud and, ahh, barnyard refuse across the tile floors. The only positive result - they left tasty snacks and drinks behind after they left.