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    Your Elvenar Team

Silver+ spire / 10+ chest Rogue Red Roosters seeking players (active/no stress)


Well-Known Member
We're looking for someone who's an active player to join our group. Bonus if y'all have silk or crystal as a boosted item, but it's not necessary.

Our fellowship was started by someone who kept chickens -- and some roosters.
Things we can crow about:
A group that works by consensus. When a decision affecting the group needs to be made, our archmage posts and asks for input. We hash it out, come to a consensus, and make it happen.
Active KP trading threads. (Participation in these is optional; no worries if they're not your thing!)
Silver spire, or better, each week. Occasional "push" weeks to see what we can do as a team.
At least 10 chests in tourney each week.
Zero-stress Fellowship Adventures: Some of us go nuts with tinytowns, others pitch in with tourney-based badges, everyone who's in gets the goodies at the end.
Weekly accolades post. Only good things!

Join us for some fun! :)