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Active Member
RECRUITING: active players looking to learn and play group events. We were Top 10 in both of the last Fellowship Adventures and aim for 10 chests in each tourney.

Please read and agree to abide by our rules if you decide to join.

Help with trades (at least 2 stars) and maintain factories for all three of your boosted goods. Cross-tier trades are not the norm here, but if you need to do so please keep them 3-star.

Frequent 'neighborly help' (minimum 3X a week). Add your neighborly help preference to your city name (C=Culture, M=Main Hall, and/or B=Builder).

We prefer that you not be a totally mobile app user as we use a browser spreadsheet for Fellowship Adventures and private messaging for AW trading or important announcements.

Everyone participates in weekly Tournaments and we regularly complete 10 chests. Even small cities can contribute a lot to Tournaments (we will help you and show you how). If you drop below 500 overall tourney points, you will be a candidate for removal.

Fellowship Adventures: We ask everyone to participate. We have already been in the Top 10 in an FA. We prepare in advance, and communicate often as FAs require a well-coordinated team effort to gain maximum rewards for all players. Use the spreadsheet link provided, or Mobile users communicate daily in group chat, so that your production of FA badges can be tracked.

Please check in at least a few times a week in group chat. If you are going on holiday, or will be absent longer than a week due to life events, kindly alert a Mage so that no one worries about you and you don't accidentally get bumped from the fellowship. Please keep group chat drama-free and on topic. Political/divisive issues/comments are unwelcome.

Have fun and happy gaming!