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Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art


so being a newbie and seeing it in your art I must ask...what is the Buddy fan club?

Sir Squirrel

Artist and Buddy Fan Club member
Sure what so you have in mind? Any suggestions, Favorite colors, etc. I actually appreciate some input to help me see what kind of signature you would like as it lets me make one you will like and one you will be proud to show around the forum.

Silver Lady

Well-Known Member
Thanks @Sir Squirrel. I really like a teal and silver. I’m half Irish so something with a Celtic flavour would be awesome. In general I like my avatar picture I just kinda wish I had silvery hair with a deep teal background. Is this enough to go on? I’m afraid I’m a scientist without an artistic bone in her body. :)

Sir Squirrel

Artist and Buddy Fan Club member
The signature you do the same way you did the one you have now. copy the link go to your signature page and paste it into the insert image button popup, then once it is there how you like save the changes. The avatar you hold your finger on it until you get a popup that gives you an option to save "image as" and then save it to your ipad somewhere you can find it. (save it as a .jpg if it asks) Then go to your account details page here on the forum under your name at the top of the page, and click on change avatar, then browse your computer for it, click it and save.