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Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
Ok @Sweetp , what about this?




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Active Member
Sir Squirrel, may I request a signature image block from you?
My three cities are in my text sig block; and for graphics I'd love something with a long spoon: this cooperative aspects of this game reminds me so much of the old Silk Road story about how in hell, folks have spoons with handles too long to reach their own mouths and are angrily starving at a feast; whereas in paradise, the situation is the same but people are merrily feeding one another!
Thank you in advance,


Active Member
Do you know the story of the long spoons? It's one of the Old ones, and attributed to a lot of different excellent folks. Grin!


Active Member
Hey @Mirai , I couldn't find any pictures with spoons I liked, But what about these?

View attachment 14454

View attachment 14455

Let me know if you like the idea and the colors. I can edit it more.
I love the avatar fun with lil Osborne (named for the fig tree he had been tucked under before feral mama-cat scarpered) and I like the font; could I get more of a full (or gay) rainbow behind the name, please?
Thanks for the fun you bring!

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
Ok @Mirai , what about this?

Signature 02

Click the link below to get to my help post on hooking up avatars and signatures with pictures to help you.



Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Hey Sir Sqirrel, I was wondering if I could have a second signature? I want two ... the second one would be a picture of shackles, and a sign that says "I survived the FA bracelets shackles."

I want it in addition to my normal one, so that I can use both. I just think SOMEONE needs to say it, lol. Thanks for trying; if it isn't possible then don't worry about it. You da best!