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Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

Sir Squirrel

Artist EXTRAORDINAIRE and Buddy Fan Club member
Ok @Katscrch , I took the Arendyll off your signature!




  • Elvenar Sig 1.jpg
    Elvenar Sig 1.jpg
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  • Elvenar Sig 2.jpg
    Elvenar Sig 2.jpg
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  • Elvenar Sig 3.jpg
    Elvenar Sig 3.jpg
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  • Elvenar Sig 4.jpg
    Elvenar Sig 4.jpg
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  • Elvenat Sig 5.jpg
    Elvenat Sig 5.jpg
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I have not made yours yet Seraphimxx1 the one above is for pegesusunicorn as she asked me to make one for her before you did. Thanks for the pictures though that helps in making one you will like! I will get working on it for you now.
LOL! My apologies. My excitement and anxiousness got the best of me. :p Please, take your time. Mahalo so much for all that you've done, are doing and will continue to do for all of us here on Elvenar!