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Skyeland II is recruiting


Well-Known Member
We have an opening available after 6+ months of being full with active players. Sadly, a member who'd been with us for over 3 yrs recently lost his battle with cancer. It's time we look for a new member.
We accept cities of all sizes and enjoy helping new players learn the game. We also like the fresh ideas and approaches that come with new folks. We have been getting 10 tourney chests a week for over 6 months now, but have much more casual rules than most 10-chest FS's. Visit 3x's/week, place fair (2 star or better) trades, active players only (determined by score moving in 2 weeks as well as the 3x's/wk visits). We're very understanding of rl issues and as long as you let us know, even those rules can be suspended if you'll be away for awhile. Most of us are daily players.
Send us an application along with an in-game message to a Mage(s) and/or AM about what you're looking for. You can also message me here on the forum. We're open to you trying us out and have a 'no hard feelings' policy if it turns out we're not a good fit. That should be able to be determined after a couple weeks or so in most cases.