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So... when should you join a Fellowship?

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Hi, I'm new, I've been playing about two weeks. I was really surprised in a nice kind of way when within hours of creating my little kingdom, I was messaged by a super nice player welcoming me and giving me ongoing advice. My takeaway from that is that this is a friendly place! So I'm going out to the rest of my world to ask this: When should you join a Fellowship?

I have clicked around and it seems the requirements are really high, and membership acceptance is restricted to boost types. It seems to me that the bar is set and it will take me quite a while to get into a Fellowship that is on par with what I'm looking for. Are Fellowships important to progress in the game? Should I be working on the goal of being in a Fellowship or is it more like a member's-only club where you have to know someone to get in? Is there a collective structure or goal to a Fellowship?

I'm looking for active players with a level of maturity, and I absolutely do not want to be in a group where people ask for pix, a/s/l, or any of that stuff. In other words, I want to play the game.



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When should you join a Fellowship

Day 1 is not too early .

the bar is set

There are many bars out there , some low others high , some have no bar at all . Our new fellowships bar is set very low , or very high if your into limbo .

collective structure or goal to a Fellowship

Rule one: get along. Show respect to everyone , no matter how high or low the rank . Everything else will fall into place.

I want to play the game.

Not many of us at the moment but , your welcome to get your feet wet in our group ;) If its not your fit , no worries .



Oh Wise One
I would suggest joining one as soon as possible. The benefits from fellowships is significant. Just a couple aspects:
  • Increase coins from having more people to visit an and supplies as they will visit you
  • Tournaments and the rewards
  • Trading of goods
There are many different types of fellowships with a variety of rules depending on the style. It is always best if you can find a fellowship that suits your style and level of commitment. You may have to search a lot through the fellowships to find the ones that suit you. I would send our requests to a number of fellowships and it is always best to message the archmage when you do so they know you are interested.

There is a section on fellowships in my guide (link in signature) if you would like to read a bit more about fellowships, benefits, and likely requirements.


Not sure if the fellowship Festal is in your world but you might want to join them as they train new players to help prepare them for bigger fellowships. You can also try looking for the player name c4r0line since she opened an FS in all worlds and is looking for recruits. Click on the fellowship overviews, including the one you were invited to join, to see which looks to be the best fit for you.

Gath Of Baal

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You can also write an in game letter to a fellowship arch mage to ask questions about that fellowship that is not described on the fellowship overview page..
Personally, I like when someone writes a letter to me asking to join up , over the blind aspirant requests. To me that shows that you have a higher level of interest in the game then someone who blindly puts an application in... If I had only 1 spot to fill and 1 applicant sent a letter and another blindly applied, I would accept the letter writer first even if the other was of a higher score or more developed city..

There are many fellowships out there, most are full of good people, the trick is to find the one that fits your needs...

The same goes true for people inviting you to join a fellowship.. I wont think twice about declining an invitation that was blindly sent to me, and I will respond back to any letter sent to me asking me to join...
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Under the heading of "When should you join a Fellowship" I think one of the answers I've come to is, "When you feel comfortable with the people you're talking with".

I received an invitation out of nowhere this morning to join a Fellowship, and as mentioned by more experienced players, it's blind and there wasn't even a note sent so I have no idea who it is. Not that I don't appreciate the invitation, especially after I began this thread, but I have no idea who they are or what they do. Meanwhile, I have an Archmage who is sending me messages in the game.

I'm competitive but I'm also a social gamer. You can be in a high-end group of people in terms of production, but if no one talks it becomes a job instead of a social game. That's why I appreciate the people who are taking the time to participate here, and also speaking with me in the game. So thank you!
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Gath Of Baal

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it's blind and there wasn't even a note sent so I have no idea who it is. Not that I don't appreciate the invitation, especially after I began this thread, but I have no idea who they are or what they do. Meanwhile

Blind invites are the worst way to recruit a player in my opinion.. You never know what kind of player you are getting if they decide to join you.. If an arch mage takes their time recruiting players by having a conversation through the letters first, you normally get a more active player, this might not always be the case but so far it has worked great for 2 of the fellowships I am in and they are the 2 I like the most..

I find chat comes and goes in waves, it all depends on who is on at the time, we have a few people who like to chat a lot, which helps bring the rest out of their shells, but if those handful of chatter are not online the room goes silent until they get back