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Songs of Experience looking for a FS to Merge with US


Songs of Experience is in need of 6-8 new team members. Thinking there may be a small FS that would like to merge with us or just single players. We are awesome Team players and participate in Tourneys, Spire and Fellowship Adventures. Currently ranked #136. Contact cindywillow.


Well-Known Member
I'm still trying to save this Fellowship. We have 12 active players left.
Hey there - I don't play actively on US3 so can't help directly. But I wanted to offer an idea.

Have you considered recruiting newbie cities? Just send out blind invitations to small cities. It'll take a lot, but enough will join that you'll have members again. They'll bring new energy, and you can use your "songs of experience" to guide them through the game. It might be better than your alternatives.

Just a thought. Good luck to you.


New Member
Hi there, we have room for maybe 8 people in ours if we did some more skimming of inactive players, but I know you're trying to stay where you are. If you reach a point where you'd consider coming to us, feel free to reach out. You're welcome to reach out to me in game if you want to try to put our heads together and see if we are in the same mindset with similar goals. We are Fellowship of the Ping, we've been around for about five years.