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Sorcerers and Dragons - Faculty Production/Costs?


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Hi all,

I started playing with tracking spreadsheets for guest races and have been refining them each chapter; I just started Chapter 10 and am looking for a little bit of additional production quantity/cost data from the Faculty buildings to complete my spreadsheet.

It seems to me that the benefit for each portal level is the rounded up value of the base * portal bonus; so, for instance, the Level 1 - Portal 1 Arcane Faculty creates 11 Arcanologists. Level 1 - Portal 2 creates 11*1.2 = 13.2, rounded up to 14.

On the Elvenar Wiki I found the Benefit data for each level of the Faculty, but I wasn't able to find Cost data for each level. I can generally calculate this based on the fact that the cost/benefit ratio generally doesn't change with levels on these buildings (i.e., you get 0.647 Arcanologists per Apprentice spent at Level 1, you likely also get 0.647 Arcanologists per Apprentice spent at Level 2 as well); however, we're dealing with fractions and I'm not always certain how the game chooses to round.

I went ahead and just rounded everything up (since, from screenshots I saw, that's what happens with the portal bonus). Can anyone look at this spreadsheet below and confirm that this is the cost/benefit for Faculty buildings by level/portal level?

Current tracking spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Oz2L54hADyK447-RMRcPp0tMx4M_MSXl3PQJ_ASiS-0/edit?usp=sharing

Basic GoodsUndergradsGraduates
Level 1 - Portal 128017517111610
Level 1 - Portal 228021017141612
Level 1 - Portal 328024517161614
Level 1 - Portal 428028017181616
Level 2 - Portal 141626025162314
Level 2 - Portal 241631225202317
Level 2 - Portal 341636425232320
Level 2 - Portal 441641625262323
Level 3 - Portal 154434034223119
Level 3 - Portal 254440834273123
Level 3 - Portal 354447634313127
Level 3 - Portal 454454434363131
Level 4 - Portal 168843042273924
Level 4 - Portal 268851642333929
Level 4 - Portal 368860242383934
Level 4 - Portal 468868842443939
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