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Sovereigns United-Recruit looking for strong tourney and spire players 3/12/22

Come join a (DRAMA FREE) relaxed, fun, friendly, active group that wants to grab all the rewards this game has to offer. We play it all spire (solid silver working on gold), tourney (10-11 chests) and FA's (with added flare!! Themes, teams and fun awards you can only get here!). KP swap. Any type city is welcome. Please contact AM JerseyTinkerbell, mages BlossomTele, and Keith96olds if this sounds like a FS to grow with. Happy Gaming! :)
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Like a lot of FS's we have taken a lot of hits in our group in the last couple of months. So come join a great FS who is looking to build back and go beyond what we were doing before. All city levels and boosts are welcome. We can't wait to see you. Please contact JerseyTinkerbell in the game. :)
Sovereigns United has rebuilt and then some!!! We are now on our first Gold spire run with 1 opening left. Not to late so come check us out and join the gold spire climb. We are having a blast!!! come join us 12/6/21 contact AM JerseyTinkerbell Mages BlossomTele, Keith96olds


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Ohhhh, it's happening! Gold is excellent. 63 purple pts nets :diamond::diamond::diamond: 275 diamonds :diamond::diamond::diamond:. Most excellent deal! Remember if you jump FS in the middle of the week, your previous Spire earnings are not designated to the new FS so join now and pile your points to the FS going for Gold!
(p.s. BlossomTele only accept messages via pigeons or smoke signals.)
SU Gold.jpg