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Spells duration


Well-Known Member
Which spells are you talking about?
If you hover over a workshop you can see how much time is left on a PoP spell
Hover over a factory and see the MM spell
Hover over a culture building and see the EE spell


@mucksterme Unfortunately you can’t hover in the app so those of us who play in the app have no way to know how long a spell will be in effect.
Just another penalty that I have to put up with for this old lady being able to sit in my lounge chair and play the game on my beautiful iPad Pro. Don’t like it, it oh well


Well-Known Member
@Talaedraiia , and other mobile users .... its possible to use a mobile browser
and mirror a PC's functions.... too bad there's no way for a PC user to mirror
what the app allows ... heh

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
I see people saying they can still use Bluestacks, an Android emulator, on their PCs to play the app version of the game.

But yeah, I think with the death of Flash, there is no browser that will run the game correctly on a phone or tablet. And specifically a tablet that runs on Android or iOS. I have to add that because there are Windows tablets too, that run normal software and browsers, and I don't want to confuse anyone.


Well-Known Member
Not anymore there isn't. We used to use Flash Emulators.
HTML5 compliant browsers run the PC version of Elvenar.
Some of those have a setting, use PC version ...

Its not an emulator to run the app on a PC, its a HTML5
compliant mobile browser, running as a PC.

Edit: after re-reading, I see you were reacting to the 2nd
1/2 of my comment, plz disreguard this post... heh