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Spire individual versus fellowship rewards


I am struggling from the various readings if there are Spire rewards that are different between fellowship or an individual. For example, Do individuals (not in a fellowship) who get to the first boss/high halls get 50 diamonds and 1 portal profit? Compare that to two individuals in a fellowship 1) gets to boss 1/high halls they get 50 diamonds and 1 portal profit and the fellowship gets 4000 fellowship pts? and 2) gets up 4 encounters and there is a checkmark (meaning fellowship has 110 collectively and as individual high enough up to get team reward) up at the high halls/first boss do they also get 50 diamonds, 1 portal profit? If the fellowship gets 110 pts we also get bronze medal to denote success to that level collectively.
I don't want to miss explain it the my fellowship.

What I want to do is encourage everyone in fellowship to complete the first 4 encounters so they can share in the 50 diamond team reward. We have gotten bronze level as long as I have been paying attention (2 months). Do I this sorted out? thanks in advance



Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I'm sorry to say that you only get the rewards for a certain level IF you make it to that level AND if the purple bar rises to that level as well. If either of those conditions are not met, then you will not get the rewards for that level, so yes, it is very different from the tournament, where everyone can share the prize even if they only added 30 points.