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Spire Perks


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I like to think of Tournament and Spire like a certain brand of canned chips and a box of "expensive" chocolates provided by a shady dealer.

For tournaments, once you pop, you just can't stop. In some cases, that means eating 'till you run clean out of resources, and wondering how you're going to feed your research tree and your other city things. I mean, you've fed yourself full of relics, KP, and other various flavors of magic, but the rest of the party? Oh crap, better ask my fellowship nicely for a payday loan...

For Spire, some of those chocolates are bad and you'll swear off the whole thing forever, not knowing what you're missing. But if you stick with it long enough and get those chocolates from a particularly special brand of dealer, you'll wonder why you ever lived without it. And... uh. The analogy starts falling apart. "White powder"-filled treats sounded a lot better in my head than out on paper. An Elvenar habit is still probably cheaper, tho. Keeping somewhat on-topic, though. The Spire Perks just makes the group a little shadier more welcoming and the ingredients a little more addictive "sweeter"


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@Killy- Yes, the Spire needs as many players contributing to drive the group reward threshold (the purple thermometer, for lack of a better term) as high as possible. However, the group reward isn't as valuable (outside of any diamonds) as the individual rewards. And since only those team players who reach or exceed the group goal get those rewards, there are always going to be those who fail to reach that threshold and so get only the group rewards that they have managed to reach. This could be very little, if a player only clears the Gateway, or it could be almost the same, if a player just missed that last threshold node.

Tourney, however, gives all players - regardless of participation - the same group rewards at the end of the contest. One could do 500 points, another 5000 points, and both get the same group reward. So it doesn't matter whether you (using American football as an example) block the opposing defender, throw the touchdown pass, or kick the field goal, everyone gets a bonus and a game ring.


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Using the Spire Perk points to get Gold is also important to reward a largish group - maybe 14 or 15? - players who played hard and used up resources (troops or goods or both) to get to the top of the Spire only to find out that due to some combination of circumstances, the remaining FS members were not going to make enough total points to make the group gold. Maybe 2 players went on vacation and 2 more came down sick and one got hit with overtime at work. Whatever. If the ones on top had known it was going to be an off week they also would have saved their resources. Using the Perk points to get them the Gold rewards seems fair, to encourage them and others to continue to push in future weeks.

Perception of unfairness is one reason players leave FSs.


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Perception of unfairness is one reason players leave FSs.
This statement is factual and insightful and in reality, it applies to both ends of the spire spectrum; those that strive to the top and ponder the view below and try to drag others up too; those who see the players at the top and won't/can't/dont want to climb. Each group has a level of dissatisfaction that can propel one to a new FS.