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Spot of Whispering Trees


New Member
How can I tell when I am no longer getting culture from this tree? When I click on it, the "Benefit" is greyed out.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
The good news is it's not an expiring building. The bad news is most of the culture buildings from the build menu are pretty unimpressive in terms of culture per tile. You get better culture buildings from events. Usually after you build it because the quest tells you to, you can sell it and use that space more productively by replacing it with culture buildings from events. This event has some of the highest culture per tile buildings in those Father Trees.


Ah I once had my Mom reset my city for me remotely, during a power failure that knocked out my internet. She was convinced that my Whispering Trees were Dust Factories, lol, and kept trying to harvest them.
Good times. Thanks x

SuNaya Dark

Is it worth it to have the Whispering Trees? If so, what are the benefits? It says "Benefit 400 Culture" on the pop-up, but the Wiki says 400/8hrs.
Is this a continuous thing? or a one-time benefit? I don't quite understand this all, just yet. Please help inform me?
(I'm early chapter II and it will take up a LOT of space I don't currently have to spare, considering I'm expanding all my Manufactories).

Thank you.
- SuNaya Dark


Well-Known Member
As long as the building is in your city it will give you 400 culture. It does not provide "culture per hour" because culture(and population) do not work that way.
So the only benifit of a spot of whispering trees is to raise your culture by 400. If your culture drops below zero you can not build or upgrade houses, workshops, armories, military manufactories, or goods manufactories.
If your culture is above 125% you get a little bonus on coin and supply production.

I have 3 of these in my chapter 3 city.


Also note that the Culture buildings and your Builder Hut do *not* require a nearby road, so placing them on a 'spur' of land expansion keeps them out of the premium real estate.