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Stabby Horse Seeking Members


Active Member
"Just trying to help out.”

Stabby Horse is open to helpful, independently-motivated, & fair-minded players. Different styles are welcome. A willingness to step up & help out is essential.

We're competitive enough to get good prizes but aren't worried about ranking numbers. Trades & advice are readily available from our many generous & experienced FS members. Chat is open to everyone but if you aren't feeling social that's fine, too.

Most players are active at least 3-5 times a week. We are very tolerant of Real Life interruptions for established players - a month's break without penalty is typical. Staying in touch during extended absences is appreciated.

Trading is not restrictive. Cross-tier trades are fine. Within the FS 2-star trades are typical & usually get filled within a few hours; during busy times it can be within a few minutes! Stock-up (1- and 0-star) trades are readily available for small cities & Tournament/Spire pushes, just say in the chat so we know it needs filling! Non-FS trades are up to each individual. We are fine with folks posting whatever trades they like

Spire: Play is casual. We frequently hit Silver in Spire & are prioritizing Perk upgrades to make it weekly.

Tournament: 10 chests has been standard since mid-2021. With Perks 11+ chests is in range. Participation is flexible/optional, and no one is expected to burn themselves out. Mid-sized cities (ch. 6-8) often average 1600+ points; larger cities often average a lot higher. Small cities are welcome. Skipping weeks due to Real Life is fine.

Fellowship Adventures: We play for (and get!) the Stage prizes and typically rank in the top 100. Each Stage is open for at least 24 hours so every player has time to get on the board. No minimum participation.

Contact us to discuss joining! In-game messages will be seen sooner

Nerwa (Mage)
LutherTheHairy (Archmage)
Laivine (Mage)
BrinDarby (Spire Mage)
Glynii (Tournament Mage)
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