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Starfleet 4 Fellowships to meet all needs


Well-Known Member
Throughout the Elvenar worlds you will find Starfleet fellowships. There are 4 types of ships and most worlds have one for you.

Ten Forward for resting and taking a break.
Starfleet Academy for learning the game and growing
Starbases for laid back and low pressure play
Starships for those wishing to excel at Fellowship Adventures, tournaments, or both.

On Khelonaar we have: Starship Valiant,Starship Rogue Saucer, Starbase Endeavor and Starfleet Academy. All four are active and looking for new members. The great thing about them is that if you join one and your style of play changes -- more active or less, more interested in one thing or another -- you always have a home.

So consider a move to Starfleet and come on home.

Starship Valiant: contact ajqtrz
Starship Rogue Saucer: contact Barzh
Starbase Endeavor: contact Hawke12
Starfleet Academy: contact Kynthia

Whatever your style or level of play Starfleet has a home for you.