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STARFLEET is Recruiting

Cantankerous Me

New Member
Are you looking for a great fellowship to join? Are you in a fellowship where your Archmage has gone inactive. Thinking you might want to be part of an active fellowship, I would like you to consider us.

We are part of the Starfleet family of fellowships. Our fellowships require boosted goods only. In Khelonaar we have Starship Rogue Saucer, Starbase Endeavour and Starfleet Academy. We are actively recruiting for all these fellowships.
There are three types of fellowships in Starfleet:
A Starship is a fellowship that is very active and competitive in their world. This fellowship will participate in most of the competitive events striving to improve their performance and increase their ranking. Our starships have various levels of requirements from weekly 10 chests to a minimal tourney requirement. All actively pursue the Fellowship Adventures.
A Starbase is a fellowship that is designed to be stress-free with members choosing their own path and only regular visits and boosted goods required.
A Starfleet Academy is a fellowship where experienced players teach new players how to succeed in the game, compete in events, and work as a team. The Academy also helps launch new, small cities for experienced players. When cities reach a specific size, they will graduate to either a Starbase or a Starship
When joining a Starfleet fellowship you are joining a family. We try to help our family members move between our fellowships, as we know real life demands change. We also offer field trips between fellowships to allow members to test drive a different fellowship in the family.
Please let me know if you have any questions about our fellowships. If you would like to join us we will need to know which play style best suits you to help get you to the right fellowship. After that you would need to leave your current fellowship so that you can either apply or receive an official invite.