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StarGazers looking for members


Well-Known Member
Our fellowship has morphed over the last few months from a new player oriented one to a fellowship that is active and can achieve goals when working together without the experience being stressful. We are and wish to remain a top 100 fellowship, and last steel tournament we managed to reach the 10th chest. We are looking for players that can keep a low (or higher) level of participation each week and can concentrate on occasional effort for fellowship adventures, spire, events, and tournament. Currently, we are able to get 6 chests in the tournament, and do a 10 chest push on the steel week. We reliably get a bronze in the spire, allowing those who participate to get the 50 diamonds worth of weekly fellowship rewards. We also have several minimums set up to encourage continual participation. Since we are no longer focused on training new players we do require at least 8000 ranking points to be able to join. That said we do actively use chat and the in game mail system to communicate a large amount of helpful information to understanding Elvenar, preparing for events, and succeeding in tournament fights. If for any reason a period of absence is needed, please contact our archmage to let her know.

1. 8000 ranking points.
2. 3 visits per week to all fellowship members
3. Weekly tournament score minimums: 200 for chapters 1-3, 600 for chapters 4 and above.
4. Ancient wonder contribution minimum of 5 KP.
5. Read mail and chat messages. Mail and chat are venues for communicating, and should not be overladen with drama.
6. Trade every week. 2 star trades or better.
7. Steady growth.
8. Golden rule.

To request to join please send a message to Anitastar and Pheryll so that we can send you an invite.