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Starship Defiant seeking active tourney players


New Member
Starship Defiant is a member of the Starfleet family of fellowships! We are several groups of like-minded players striving to make our fellowships the envy of all. We want steady growth and players who can be respectful of each other while enjoying the game and moving the fellowship forward. These fellowships play in boosted goods. Teamwork is essential!

Starfleet is all worlds too! We boldly go where no one has gone before!!!

Winyandor includes:
Starfleet Academy – Training for newer players or smaller cities getting started (score <30K).
Starship Defiant - Medium or larger cities that want to achieve all 10 tournament chests Preference to players over 40K
Starship Discovery – for team-minded players, who enjoy competing in tournaments and fellowship adventures. Preference to players over 30K
Starbase Dauntless and Starbase Destiny for a stress free fellowship where tourney and fellowship adventures are optional.

Defiant finished number 1 in 3/19 fellowship adventure. Now we are ramping up our tournament play to make obtain all 10 chest weekly. We are seeking tournament players that can exceed 1200 points every week consistently. We have several openings and are especially interested in gems boost.


•Consistent city growth and building upgrades

•Daily visits (minimum 4 times a week)

•Trade regularly (2 star or better unless otherwise agreed in advance)

•Limited cross tier trades

•Boosted goods only required of all new players, with strong production in all 3 tiers

•Tournament participation weekly with a minimum score of 1200 points

•Must help as part of cohesive team to follow Fellowship Adventure map strategy

•Be supportive and helpful to fellowship members

•Be able to access both messages and chat

•Adhere to our no drama policy

•Notification of absences if more than 4 days


•Friendly, helpful, supportive, drama-free team

•Ancient wonder KP swap chains

•Frequent 10 chest tournament results

•Highly competitive Fellowship Adventure - #1 in 3/19

Inactive players will be removed as needed