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Starting a Fellowship

Will you join The Phoenix Hunters, and do you get to the lab in the spire?

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Active Member
Hello all, I have some questions. I am thinking about starting a clan of spire-focused fellowship, I will be the leader of the main fellowship (The Phoenix Hunters) in Winyandor. I am looking for a player in chapter 6 or above to be the leader of The Phoenix Riders in Felyndral. I would also like to know if anybody would like to join The Phoenix Hunters in Winyanor that can get to the lab every week in the spire.
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We are part of a spire-focused chain of fellowships, with more worlds to be added later.

Coming Soon to Winyandor: The Phoenix Hunters is a Spire-focused group, we expect everyone to get to the lab in the spire. We will require a minimum of 2000 points in the tourney. Small players considered, message AM Kingdomofmyself even if we are full.

Our Rules:
1. Fair trades, you can place unfair trades if arranged with another player.
2. Be kind.
3. 2000 tourney points minimum.
4. Lab in the spire.
5. Have fun!

Message AM Kingdomofmyself for more info.

Felyndral: The Phoenix Riders are looking for a leader! This is a side account for creating this, if you are in chapter 6 or higher, message Kingdomofmyself to ask if you qualify! Now about the fellowship, we are an opt-in fellowship with few rules.

Here are the rules:
1. Fair trades, unless another player has agreed to take them.
2.1000 minimum tourney points.
3. High Halls in spire.
4. Have fun!

Let's see where this phoenix goes!

Message Kingdomofmyself for more info on Winyandor or Felyndral!