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Steel, Crystal and Elixir - Where are you?


Hello there,

I have been playing this game for about 3 years. I have been in a few FS's along the way and recently decided to start my own. If it was not for the fact that I have some great people around me who I can trade with I don't know how I could manage the goods I need for myself and the others in the FS. I have another alt that is in the same world and couple friends playing. We don't go crazy each week to do all the tourny's and spire and adventure and blah blah.. Without a decent FS behind you well.. you would be stretched so thin that playing the game would be unbearable.

Lately I have found even in my alts local area at chapter 5 and ES who is chapter in Amuni now, there are only a very few people who trade those items listed above. It is very hard to find anyone that does. I am suggesting that maybe we have a choice when you build a new city to determine the items you wish to produce, if not all then at least one. This way someone in the FS can start a new player and at least make something the FS desperately needs.

I know this probably won't happen and I do have it set to move you around for better players as do we all currently.. However, if anyone is a easy going player, chapter 3 or farther and has those items above and would like to be in a FS that does the tourny as best we can, does the spire if it is inexpensive and not worried about making 10 chests a week or any of that, please come to CERAVYN and look for the FS - Island Of Misfit Toys - maybe you can help us out with trading amongst the FS.



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Steel, crystal and elixir is a possible combination. You could keep signing up and rolling different combinations until you landed on a city with that combination.


I actually did that with my 2nd alt on Ceravyn but I got lucky on the first try.. it was 3 goods I did not produce myself. If I did that then I would have to run 3 different cities and well.. I am not that committed.. lol.. if I did that I just might be committed. lol