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Steels-Scrolls-Dust Chapter 2


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I've only been playing Elvenar for a few months, but Felyndral is my forth server. I'm getting the hang of things and I check in on the game nearly every day. I'm currently in a very inactive fellowship that does not do much activity in trading or tournaments and it is difficult to grow. My city is mid-way through chapter 2. I'm an adult working full time with normal life stuff, so I would not be a good fit for a fellowship with really intense activity requirements. I know how to participate in tournaments, and am willing to meet point expectations for the occasional 10-chest-push.

Does your fellowship have room for a beginner?
Free Trade Zone might work for you. Even if you just need some place to park while looking for something else!

"This Fellowship exists to provide a home to players wanting to make use of the Free Trade Zone for their trading needs. Trading is what we do! Same tier trades / Cross tier trades - laissez faire/caveat emptor; zero to three stars - all good.

Are you a Producer that needs help moving large quantities of goods? Want to profit by facilitating trades for others as a Broker? Even temporary members - join the Fellowship, make your trade, leave when you're done or wait for the trade you are looking for. Traveling traders from other fellowships welcome!

NO event participation / teamwork / activity reqs."
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