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Stolen Account


This sounds too close to home. We just had a new player fill our last slot last night. I welcomed him/her heartily and finished off his wonder for him ... not a small amount of kp. This afternoon, he/she said that he had been playing on someone else's ID and now that person wants it back, and so left with much regret and said goodbye. Very good communication. Sigh ... back to the drawing board for us. Dang ... I'm going to have to rethink my welcome gifts, lol. I don't begrudge it; I know it's a bad situation all the way around; I just think it would get too expensive to keep it up, lol.

Edited to add: I shouldn't complain about kp ... the player gave me over 400 kp when they left, in 2 of my wonders. I didn't notice it until this afternoon. Another member got over 2000 kp from the player. Other members got anywhere from 50-100 or more. I just hope that he was the one who built up that kp and not the original owner of the ID. If it was the original owner, then dumping all that kp certainly wouldn't have been nice. If he did build it up, then I could see him unhappy about turning it over to the player who came back after a long time. There are two sides to it, I'm sure.
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@Iyapo1 Now I need the back story to its creation. Will the story be hidden behind a mysterious string Bork, Bork, Borks though!? This most certainly will result in a “quite severely” level of slapping. As I seem to be the only one antagonizing the CM of Tonga, I guess the forecast calls for clear skies and a high chance I will be on the receiving end of that fish.