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Supposed to be getting double flare but not.


Active Member
Harvest Festival double flare day. Refreshed game x2. Bought 3 small chests received 5 flares each. The announcement says it's a double flare day.
Whoops: US sever 5 Elcysandir


Yep, I spent the 600+ moon splinters I had been saving for the double flare day, and it's not working. I saw the banner announcing it, so I went ahead and spent them all, too. What a waste! :mad:

Felyndral, and Arendyll too


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I know it's late for some but wait until it shows up in the prize menu... this problem happens in every event and I've wasted tons of stuff before the double whatevers showed up
How do you buy chests? Also, how do you use the 8 hr time reduction Instant??? It says you can't use it from inventory but when I click on the Goods Manufactory I want to use it on, there is no option to cast it.


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I also bought chests when I saw the announcement thinking that it was active but didn't receive the 2x bonus. What is the point in announcing 2x today, and not make it active. I am actually a bit angry about it. Whether it happens every event or not. It was announced that it is available now, yet upon use(opening chests) it was not. :mad:
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Loki Lyesmith

You do get double. I just opened a 50 box, which is 5 flares, and it gave me 10. If you're not getting the bonus, fill out actual bug reports, so that Mods can pass on which worlds it's not working in.


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
We do apologize. The Double Days news popped up in the game before it went live and it should be now.
Sorry about the inconvenience.



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Yes, I lost all mine as well only to get nothing (no doubles, and unfortunately for me no prize either). It may have been an accident to post it but we would have no way of knowing that.


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Elvenar Team
There should have been an announcement to address the questions in this thread. Hope you have all seen it ^.^


New Member
This is just simply not working. I did get double flares a couple of times when it started this last time, but then no more.