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Take off your boots and feed your stock because you are home at "NewSupportAlliance"


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Elves and Humans of Elvenar be Welcomed,

NewSupportAlliance was established in March of this year and has just taken off. Fellowship with 15 members comes in at 100k point score and median player at 4294. Need just a little push to take third chest weekly. Perhaps you are the one to make it so. We have fun and funny members as well as very knowledgeable ones. If you are new to game or like to share your skills with other please come and stay a while. Looking for players booted in planks, silk and dust. We shall crack a keg of wine to relax the troops. Visit me or check out stats at elvenstats.com tap member and type in sneedville1958 or check out my Fellowship. Fair winds and a bright day for your travels. Sneed
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Hi, I am looking for an FS that helps each other, can make three chests the last one I was in has been disbanded I loved it we went up to 7 chests. I am a friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic daily player very active! If I am someone that would interest you I am available just shoot me an invite :)